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“Anytime you are searching for a new position or actually starting work in a new organization, it can be quite a stressful time. But, on two separate occasions I had the good fortune to have Suzanne handle this transition for me. It was so helpful to have someone with the knowledge and professionalism displayed by Suzanne to turn to with any questions I had,. And, as such, she allowed me to focus my attention on building enthusiasm for my new opportunity as opposed to worrying about all of the logistics involved with the transition. Thanks again Suzanne!”

–R.H. , Senior Manager, ASUG Growth Programs , SAP

“Suzanne is a very experienced recruiter with excellent client facing skills. She is a strong sourcer and capable of delivering excellent results on difficult searches. I would strongly endorse her recruiting services for any organization looking to improve their recruiting department.”

–P.L. , Sr. Executive Recruiter, SAP America

“Suzanne is the consummate professional. Deep recruiting knowledge with a sense of urgency Suzanne is well thought of by her client groups for her ability to deliver timely results.”

–S.P. , Sr.Executive Recuiter , SAP

“Suzanne was the recruiter that was responsible for placing me at SAP. She was very helpful and a great resource throughout the interview process. I have been extremely happy at SAP and I owe that to Suzanne doing an exceptional job at placing me in the right position. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Suzanne again.”

–M.B. , Value Engagement Manager , SAP America

“I worked with Suzanne when she was working on a contract opportunity at SAP. While we were assigned to different teams and I worked virtually, Suzanne was always known to provide strong recruiting support to her clients and consistently hit her recruiting targets. Additionally, Suzanne was a strong team player in jumping in to help train me on some of the administrative aspects of the assignment during my first week. I was really impressed as she came in with minimal lead time and was very gracious with her time and went through many details in navigating the system. Additionally, I found Suzanne to be helpful in sharing and exchanging leads for positions and a pleasure to work with.”

–L.N. , Senior Sales Recruiter , SAP America

“I can endorse Suzanne from two different perspectives: (1) My first experience with Suzanne was as a candidate whom Suzanne recruited to join Unisys, and (2) After I joined Unisys, Suzanne was part of the recruiting staff helping me and my colleagues staff and grow our organizations in a time of great upheaval and excitement at Unisys. From the candidate perspective, I can say that Suzanne was a consummate professional who respected my need for absolute confidentiality and discretion (I was employed still as a VP at a company preparing to be acquired). She appealed to the emotional and intellectual areas of my candidacy, pushed softly but assertively when necessary and aggressively but professionally when necessary, and ultimately brokered an employment arrangement that made both me and Unisys very happy. As a recruiter for my business unit, Suzanne also was a consummate professional, taking the time to understand in depth not just the “resume” of my desired candidates, but also the “texture” and “color” that makes a candidate perfect for the work I needed to get done. She was always cheerful, always professional, and by the time she left Unisys, she had impressed me as a winner.”

–D.M. , Director, Unisys Business Intelligence , Unisys

“When you start a new job, there can seem like a million stressful things are coming at you at once. The onboarding process, learning new processes, understanding the culture, and of course doing your job to the best of your ability. Suzanne did a fantastic job of ensuring a smooth entry to Unisys, allowing me to concentrate on my core responsibilities of my new position. She always maintained a warm and friendly approach to even the simplest of questions. I thank her for helping me during those early days, but also for the many times after as she always was available to help whenever I had any questions.”

–R.H. , Senior Manager, Field Marketing , Unisys Corporation

“Suzanne and I worked in separate organizations at Unisys but leveraged one another’s talents and resources. As an executive recruiter, she searches out the right individual for the position requirements ensuring to meet the fit for both the company and candidate. She is honest, focused and tireless in her efforts to search for the right match. Her personality is straightforward with uncompromising standards and ethics. Suzanne is an excellent leader with great skills to develop good client – candidate relations.”

–J.S. , Manager of Finance , Unisys Corporation

“Suzanne is a seasoned professional skilled in understanding people and looking beyond the text in the resumes. Suzanne takes the time to get to know the candidates and their backgrounds and passions in life. She has a knack for connecting the managers with the right candidates not only from a skills and background standpoint, but also from a personality and style perspective. I know that Suzanne would be of great value to any organization interested in finding the right candidates.”

–B.K. , OEM Business Development Manager , Unisys

“Suzanne is one of those rare strategic staffing leaders who excels in both the strategic and the tactical. Her ability to integrate herself into the business and to drive results both as an individual contributor and as a leader served to drive results across the business. She was a significant contributor to both recruiting strategy and to key deliverables.”

–J.C. , Global Sr. Human Resources Consultant/Staffing , Unisys Corporation

I worked with Suzanne for some time while at Unisys. During this collaboration, Suzanne showed her ability to work with demanding customers while attracting top talent that was quite scarce at the time. Suzanne was unflappable in her approach to difficult recruiting assignments and always provided a fresh perspective on recruiting strategy. It is for this reason that I am writing this recommendation of Suzanne’s accomplishments while employed by Unisys Corporation.”

–G.K. , Systems & Technology Lead Recruiter , Unisys Corporation

“Suzanne was the executive recruiter that was responsible for bringing me to Unisys. Suzanne was extremely thorough and was my window into Unisys. She was honest and straightforward detailing the opportunities, challenges, and personality that would fit well at Unisys. Bottom-line: I had no surprises and my tenure at Unisys is one that I value. Suzanne was also very supportive in helping me with my relocation. She not only worked within corporate guidelines, but was very supportive connecting me with logistic service providers. I would value the opportunity to work with Suzanne again.”

–S.G. , Director, Solution and Service Management , Unisys

“Suzanne is an outstanding recruiter. One that works to understand the requirements of the hiring manager and then works to find candidates that match that closely. Her efforts always brought highly qualified candidates to me for all the searches we worked on together.”

–M.P. , Director, Marketing and Business Development , Unisys

” We have had the great pleasure to work directly with Suzanne Ackley in a role as a “virtual recruiter” for Millbrook. From day one, she was dedicated to deeply understanding the nuances of both the positions that were to be filled as well as the cultural qualities of our company. It is in this regard, that we were so thrilled with her performance. She really took the time to understand what type of person was required to really fit in the organization. Most recruiters simply go by the same tired playbook and go by rote. Suzanne always went the extra mile to make sure both the technical and cultural fit was right. We were extremely pleased with how the notion of a “virtual recruiter” worked out for us and extremely pleased with our relationship with Suzanne. We plan on on re-engaging with her in the future as needs dictate.”

–J.P., Principal and Co-Founder, Millbrook, Inc.